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    [Webinar 8/30] Boost Engagement With Marketo Ad Bridge

    Jody Spencer

      Whether you are using Ad Bridge currently, thinking about implementing Ad Bridge, or asking “What is Ad Bridge?” … this session is right for you.  Regardless of where you are in the engagement journey, you will gain valuable insights from this webinar.  Register today for the Wednesday, August 30th @ 12:00 pm ET session to reserve your seat.


      Join Us To Learn How To:

      • Shift strategies in your advertising budgets.
      • Understand latest paid media trends.
      • Set strategy around existing and upcoming Marketo Adbridge capabilities.
      • Promote content via email AND retargeting simultaneously.
      • Spruce your existing nurture campaigns with a retargeting component.
      • Engage people that aren't mailable (Unsubs, Compliance, etc)


      Hear From Speakers:

      Brian Glover, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Marketo

      Frank Passantino, Sr. Product Manager, Marketo

      Anna Leary, Marketing Consultant, RevEngine


      Look forward to talking with you!