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Keeping track of multiple scores for multiple products. How many is too many?

Question asked by 7beea51dd0acbb19bb6f5636d00a140eb725afb6 on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Christina Zuniga

Hi everyone,

I would love some advice / best practice tips on tracking multiple scores in a nurture program.

I read this article: Use “Interest Scoring” to target like a bull by Rajiv Kapoor and it's really helpful and amazing. (to summarize VERY generally: multiple scores are used to track different products, eg: MacBook score, Apple Watch Score, iPhone Score, based on what the person is interested in buying.


I'm attempting to do a scoring system like this but with even more.

For example: There are multiple products that Apple provides: iPhone, MacBook, accessories, etc... Within each product line, there are multiple product types: iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, MacBook Pro, MacBook air, etc....


Lets say we know someone is interested in an iPhone, but we don't know what type: so we track an iPhone score, later we figure out that they're most likely going to buy an iPhone 7 if they commit: so we'll have iPhone score, as well as an iPhone 7 score. By utilizing multiple scores, we'd be able to personalize the content much more. We can send this lead both general iPhone information, and iPhone 7 information (but not, say iPhone 6 because they're not interested in that iPhone model).


In theory, it sounds great. It would really help personalize the content and drive the person down a very specific funnel! But if there's say, 5 product lines, and about 6 sub-products in each product line, that's a lot of scores to have to keep track of, account for, and utilize!


I guess, I was wondering, what is everyone else's scoring strategy? just one lead score? as many scores as possible similar to my example described above? or somewhere in between like Rajiv's original article (just a few scores of the high level product lines?) And if you do have many, many scores, if you have any tips for best practices on keeping them organized (and... sane?)'


Appreciate the tip everyone! (oh for reference, my team is just mapped out the nurture programs we'll be needing for all the product line and products but none has been implemented yet).