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    Leads in SFDC but not in Marketo

    Zoheb Shaikh



      I have list of leads and contacts extracted from SFDC report. I found that some of the leads are not in Marketo and after checking further found some of the leads have Marketo Hardbounce as true but there are some leads with Marketo Hardbounce status as false but still not filtering in Marketo


      Can any one help understand why these leads are not featuring in Marketo though it is a bidirectional sync. Appreciate your help.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Zoheb Shaikh

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          Josh Hill

          The way you describe this is confusing.

          1. How do you know that they are not in Marketo? What did you check exactly?
          2. Does the Marketo User see all the SFDC leads?
          3. Did you delete some records in either system?
          4. Hard Bounces or email flags don't usually affect the sync unless you setup the Marketo to SFDC lead process to do so.
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              Zoheb Shaikh

              Hi Josh,


              1) I created a smart list with the Email address filter and found that there are some emails missing in the leads tab, also I have checked in Marketo Lead Database but still no luck.

              2) I didn't get your question

              3) I am not sure exactly, but is there a way to get those lead deleted details

              4) Thank you for the information, I will check with that.



              Zoheb Shaikh