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    Why move a person to an empty stream vs out of an engagement program?

    Sue Liang

      Hi everyone!


      Currently, we plan to create a nurture program that consists of early, middle, and late stage (interested, engaged, decision....). Each stage is an engagement program, and each stage engagement program would have multiple streams for different personas.


      I've seen a lot of discussions that basically warns to not remove a person from an engagement program, but rather put them in an empty stream. As our nurture stages are separate programs, I'm really wondering what is the reason behind this prophecy of disastrous program removal? And based on the way we plan to create our stages, if anyone have anymore warnings / suggestions on transitioning a person from one program stage to another I should keep in mind. Thank you so much!

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          Devraj Grewal



          When you remove from the entire program as opposed to just moving them to a new stream, you remove membership reporting as well. Personally, I just pause the person and leave them in the stream, this way when they become a normal cadence, they can pick up where they left off in regards to content.


          I would also make sure that when a person is added to the later engagement programs (ex. engaged and decision), to make sure they are paused and moved to an empty stream in the earlier engagement programs.

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