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Member of Engagement program flow choice

Question asked by 0bd96454cafdd2dfa70a171bfa7b79b53384cf2a on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by 9a1abd50972cd02c68987dfa23a6b07b0edd1278
I have a query on the 'Member of Engagement Program' flow step choice.  I want to have a requested campaign when a lead is Marketing Suspended, that checks which engagement program a lead is a member of and pauses them in the program.  I previously had an issue with this choice that led me to believe that, for a flow step that says:
"Member of Engagement Program" true
Program:<Engagement Program Name>  New Value: Paused

The choice is only checking whether it is a member of (any) engagement program, and then it sets the lead to be paused in the Engagement Program specified.

What I need to do, is say "if it is a member of THIS engagement program, set it to Paused".

Is there any way to do this apart from requiring separate smart lists (and campaigns) for each engagement program?