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    Random Sample flow, Send Email

      I'm running an email campaign. Same email, same list, with a random sample like this:



      The idea is to have the same email sent to the list across 5 days, leveraging each lead only going through the flow once.

      However, the 1st day sent out fine, but 2nd day didn't send and it's showing 0 people set to affect in "Schedule" tab.


      I looked up Marketo Docs saying it will not work in nested Smart List, so I tried on Flow. This doesn't work too? link

      Any suggestion is welcomed!

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          Steven Vanderberg

          The Smart campaign sent the email to 20% of the leads, didn't do anything with the other 80%, and then was done doing everything it was told to do in the flow.  It wont stagger out sends over 5 days with the logic in the screenshot alone.  Especially since the campaign was set to a lead can only go through the Flow once.  Even though 80% of the leads did not get an email, they still technically went through the Flow, so they wouldn't qualify for subsequent runs of that campaign.


          You may just want to break the qualified leads into five random lists first, then target each list individually over the 5 days.