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    Embedded survey form

    Mark Kalamaridis

      I'd like to create a survey form with multiple questions with checkbox/radio answers that will be embedded on a non-Marketo web page.

      Survey results will be captured in Marketo.


      I just wanted to confirm that this is possible in Marketo and if there are any restrictions to the number of form questions/answers.


      Thank you!

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          Sanford Whiteman
          I just wanted to confirm that this is possible in Marketo and if there are any restrictions to the number of form questions/answers.

          Totally possible! Marketo forms are easy to embed on 3rd-party pages, and you'll have no practical restriction on the number of form fields.


          Just keep in mind some realities when using Marketo forms for this, given expectations some have of "surveys" as opposed to forms:

          • Marketo does not consider fields updated via a given form + form submission to belong to that form (the same fields can exist on any number of forms). If you dedicate a set of fields to only this survey, then of course they'll implicitly belong to this survey alone, but there's no technical connection.
          • If you don't dedicate fields to this survey, they'll be overwritten if you include the same field on a later form. A lead can't have a value for Favorite_Color that belongs exclusively to "2017 Survey" and simultaneously have another value for Favorite_Color that belongs to "2018 Survey."* (Of course, they can have Favorite_Color_2017 and Favorite_Color_2018.)
          • There's no built-in branching logic per se, although Visibility Rules can duplicate a lot of this kind of thing and custom JavaScript can take care of the rest.
          • Aggregating results for an individual form field, or pie-charting relationships between form fields, across your database is not going to be completely smooth. You'll definitely be creating Smart Lists of people and their values, then exporting to Excel.


          For the above reasons, some people shy (unnecessarily, IMO) away from Marketo forms in favor of 3rd-party applications.  You can gain ease-of-use and easier reporting that way -- but you can lose [a] connections with your Marketo db and Munchkin web analytics; [b] integration with your other automation tasks; [c] scalability; and/or [d] security -- and probably spending $$$ in the process.



          * By using JSON fields, you can compound results like this, but I may be the only one that does this.

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            Marta Kaczmarek

            Hi Mark,


            If you are interested in creating surveys and saving answers in Marketo, maybe you could choose a survey tool from Marketo's LaunchPoint partners. I suggest Survicate, but there are many other options. Survicate specializes in micro surveys which you can place directly on your website or send them via for example Marketo's email. Website surveys come in the form of small, unobtrusive widgets which you can target to specific groups of visitors. In case of email surveys, you can embed the first question to email messages. Check out the LaunchPoint page and choose the best fit for you .