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Dynamics Duplicate Detection Rules

Question asked by Dan Askin on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Dan Stevens.

We recently upgraded our CRM instance from 2011 to 2016 on-premise. All GUIDs, schema, etc. remained the same.


When we re-synced Marketo to MSD, we got 1000s of errors, all the same:


-2147220685 A record was not created or updated because a duplicate of the current record already exists.


The company that administered the CRM upgrade added a bunch of new/stock duping rules in MSD. By unpublishing all the dupe rules -- not something we want to leave in place, of course -- the dupe issues were fixed. Here are our 14 rules:




My question: We're going to look back at our 2011 instance to see what we had in place -- when everything was working -- but would love to see how the community rolls here. If anyone is willing to share a screen shot or two, that'd be fantastic. We were thinking of creating some rules around "lead source: marketo."