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    Disable Marketo automatic de-duplication?

      Is it possible to disable Marketo's automatic de-duplication feature? The docs say, "Marketo automatically de-duplicates when new people enter the system." However, I would like to know whether it's possible to disable this feature, so that duplicates are accepted as-is and synced to Salesforce as new Lead records.


      Our use case is that we have a custom, robust de-duplication service built in Salesforce that is the first step toward a longer term vision for duplicate management across the enterprise. The problem right now is that Marketo is automatically merging "duplicates" when we would prefer to have the duplicate detection and resolution be handled in Salesforce. I'd like to know whether it's possible for Marketo to simply send all new people over to Salesforce as leads, and let the merging and conversion be managed in Salesforce and propagated back to Marketo from Salesforce.