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How to change Marketo Sync user in Salesforce

Question asked by 7872b68eecbd81daf4819edf0d8a5b529dd2256f on Aug 16, 2017
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Hi Everyone,


My company is currently using my Director's SF user license as our Marketo Sync user, which is obviously very inconvenient when creating campaigns and design studio collateral. We have since freed up a user license in our SF instance and I would like to migrate my Director's credentials and leads/contacts/opps/accounts over to that one. Our IT dept has created a new email and I was hoping someone could give some guidance on how to properly complete this migration without messing up the Marketo-SFDC sync process.


My thoughts were:


1. Disable global sync

2. Mass transfer records in SF to free license

3. Replace my Director's current license with the new Marketo Sync email

4. Fill other user license with my Director's credentials

5. Issue new SF password and token for

6. Fill in new credentials in Marketo and enable global sync


Please let me know if this is the proper way of doing this and if anyone has any tips from having done this themselves, it would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance,