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Remove field labels on record view that no longer sync from CRM to Marketo

Question asked by 0f8b58708c4f69402f45d5f4231c7b42d3734049 on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Paul Wilson

Currently in the final stages of configuring our Marketo production instance for a full Marketo launch on 30 August. We’ve currently only set the ‘synctomkto’ field on a small group of test records to ensure the Marketo data matches the CRM data before syncing the full 35,000+ record database (we had data sync issues with our first sandbox instance, which caused a 4 week delay and ultimately led to no concrete answers so Marketo setup + configured us a second sandbox instance to sync with – so we’re extra sensitive to getting the sync on production accurate!)


We initially set the ‘version number’ field for account to sync from CRM to Marketo. We now have determined the large amount of updates for this field causes a lag syncing other crucial fields into Marketo from CRM and we don't want to sync anymore. I have de-selected this field from: admin – integration – Microsoft dynamic – field sync details ‘edit’ account picklist. Yet the field label and last updated/sync’d value still appears on the ‘company info’ tab in Marketo records.


I want all the fields that are not actively syncing removed from the record views (be it 'company info', 'Microsoft custom fields' or 'Microsoft standard fields') so Marketo users do not use them / do not get wrong information from using not-up-to-date data. How would I go about this? Is a full re-sync with the CRM instance?