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    Landing page tracking twice

      I have built a custom HTML landing page with a Marketo Form. I left the templates default setting of allowing Munchkin tracking. When viewing an instance of this template, it is tracking two views for a single view of the page. I went back into the editing the template and disabled the Munchkin tracking, approved it, went back to the instance of the template, approved its new draft (created from updating the template), approved it, and viewed the page again. Even after disabling the tracking, it still showed two additional views after I viewed the page once. I have viewed the page in Incognito mode of my primary browser (Chrome), I also viewed it in Firefox and IE11. One time it actually showed three additional views for a single view.


      Any ideas?


      Edit: When I have set Munchkin tracking to be disabled at the template level (the only place that you appear to be able to control this), it tracks 1 view per single page view (correct on the count). When I have tracking enabled, it tracks 2 views per single page view.