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Best way to bulk export activity log data?

Question asked by 4eb398a99c53251077a080991b601346d99623fd on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by 4d7cf7abe72e56bc76302054848c6781b9e14c68

I want to programatically (e.g., API) bulk export activity data in a give time window -- for example, download all 'Web Visit' events created in July 2014. Unfortunately, in the getting started documentation the only relevant API I see is getLeadActivity, which
  1.           Only seems to be available via SOAP (I would prefer REST)
  2.           Requires a key to identify a lead -- so if I have N leads this API requires N calls. I only want to make one call.
Any suggestions? If this isn't possible today, is there anything planned/on a roadmap to address this use case?