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    Webinar Reminder Campaign: Batch vs. Trigger?

      Hi all,

      Interested in some advice/best practice.

      We have a monthly webinar series that I've had problems with in the past, and now I'm afraid to approve my reminder campaign.

      Ideally, I'd like to remind everyone who was invited by email or has visited the registration page to sign up for the webinar until the day before. I set up a flow with a series of wait steps that would send the reminder emails out at each interval and scheduled a batch campaign to watch for changes in Program Status. I first tried to implement this in February after getting the sign off from our Marketo consultant. Turns out, we had it set so that the lead could run through the flow every time--so 1,500 got the same email 10+ times in the space of about 30 seconds. Not good. Very embarrassing. 

      Ever since I've been afraid to turn on the campaign for other monthly webinars. I've changed it so the lead can only flow through the steps once, but I'm still concerned that if I run a batch campaign that the program will continue to amass emails and then just wait and send them all out at once again.

      So here are my questions:
      1) Does it make sense to run this as a trigger campaign rather than a batch?
      2) Was it a folley to even try to get this into one Activity vs three sperate activities (one for each reminder)?
      3) If I leave it set up as batch with the lead only able to run through the flow once, will I encounter the same problem
      4) Did this whole mess make any sense?

      I'd appreciate any help or advice that you might have and would be happy to provide pictures of the set up if that would be helpful.

      Thanks so much!
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Rachel, this is sort of outside of the standard use of an engagement campaign, but do you think you could set up your reminders system in an engagement stream? 

          Sounds like what you could do is create a new engagement program and the smart list would be anyone you want to target for the webinar. Once their program status changes they're paused, but until then, they could continue to receive the emails that you set up on a regular cadence. You could limit the availability of the emails until the date of the webinar, so that you wouldn't have people receiving the emails after the webinar. 

          I haven't thought through this 100%, but it could be an alternate method to ensure that people only receive the emails at the right time, and they only receive the email once.