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    Wistia vs. VidYard

    Boone White

      Hi All,


      We are looking at moving from Vimeo to a full-service video hosting platform. We have heard Wistia and Vidyard are both good options and are looking seriously into those options. 


      Have you guys had any experience with either? Which is better in your opinion? or do you have recommendations for other platforms that have worked out better for you?


      Additionally, if you know of other platforms that you would recommend let me know as well!


      Boone White

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          Andrew Davis

          Boone White


          Great question. We have looked at both and decided to go with VidYard in 2014 and I'm going to be 100%, completely unbiased in this. We have NEVER looked back. Wistia seems great. And if you plan on uploading videos and using them in your efforts, sure they can do that. But VidYard is the trend setter, a market innovator. They are coming out with things for me that I didn't even know I needed, and now that I have them, I use them all the time.


          Vidyard is about more than videos online. It's about using video in your marketing efforts. We moved video into a core for us as a channel for marketing. More and more, our analytics are showing us that people would rather be watching short videos than reading anything. I won't buy any product without watching a real video from the company that makes the product.

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            Mathew Kuehl

            We use Vidyard and I am a big fan of it.  I looked at Wistia for a hot second, but ended up going with Vidyard.  I have been very happy with the performance and metrics.  We use it for email, web hosting, youtube pushes, and rebroadcasting webinars that we do not want to hold on the webinar provider's system.  Vidyard hooks in really easily to Marketo, if you are the admin for your marketo, and the data that comes through is relatively easily to structure scoring on it.  The analytics are decent, the developer page to hand to web teams or 3rd parties with the embed codes is very useful (so that they don't have a seat in Vidyard to still get the codes), and the Youtube push option is helpful.  They also allow for events and driving to other content.  As a user I would recommend Vidyard, but have not spent time using Wistia.

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              Preston Miller

              We chose Vidyard for a few key things -


              1. You can push videos to YouTube (Wistia can't do this)
              2. VideoHub options (We have a full video hub where all our tagged videos are displayed in categories)
              3. Customization and Integration (Marketo) for the Video Player


              That's it! I don't hate Wistia and I like what they are doing. The pricing models for Wistia and Vidyard are very different so it depends on what your budget allows. For us, it came down to those key bullets and we chose Vidyard!