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    How to pull custom lead attributes with activity data in Marketo



      We have some custom campaign reporting outside Marketo which uses Marketo Activity data and customer in the report are tracked on a custom Identifier, i.e. Customer ID.


      The Customer ID is mapped as a custom field under Lead DB in Marketo. Customer ID with Lead ID is one to one.


      From lead activities - email open, email click e.g, we only get lead ID and some additional activity related data back from Marketo Get Lead Activities API.


      Now we want to actually get back Customer ID alongwith Lead ID with each activity, this is to allow custom reporting to work on Customer ID level.


      Is it possible to capture additional lead attributes from activities? In our case it's Customer ID we want to be pulled back and we don't have whether it's doable directly via existing Marketo API.


      Any help here would be appreciated.


      I know one workaround which needs some back-end ETL, i.e. Using Get Leads by Filter API and specifying fields we want to pull. But this is not very ideal.