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    Recommendation Needed for Customer Data

    Michelle Tang

      Hi there!


      We are in the process of evaluating an ESP or Automation system specially for our Customer base which consists of millions of users. Here's a high level list of requirements:

      • CAN SPAM compliant
      • send automated customer lifecycle email drips
      • data processing between our product and ESP/Automation system
      • tracking within SFDC for revenue purposes

      Those are the most important, but the list can go on. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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          Chris Johnston

          Hey Michelle,


          At Salytics, we are Gold Digital Services Partner of Marketo as well as a Partners with other platforms, I'd be happy to have a call to better understand your needs and then help you with your product evaluations and provide some advice on what system might best meet your requirements. We have a wealth of integration experience with a variety of platforms and would be able to have a detailed conversation about integrating your system with your product as well.


          Feel free to reach me at chris@salytics.com



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            Sanford Whiteman

            You should post such threads in Job Opportunities to be clear that you want to hire someone.

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              Andy Caron

              Hi Michelle,

              Am I correct in assuming that you are looking at both automation platforms as well as more basic email platforms, Marketo being one of them, and that you're trying to make a decision about which one to pick?


              Having gone through this process several years ago, this is what I can tell you. Think about current and future state: What you need to do today and what you want to be doing in 6 months and beyond. If ESP isn't going to cut it in a year, then why go through the effort of implementing it, only to have to replace it.

              Regarding your criteria and Marketo:

              • CAN SPAM compliant: Any legitimate platform these days should provide functionality for maintaining your database and allowing/tracking unsubscribes. Other CanSPAM compliance things, like not purchasing lists is still going to be up to your team.
              • send automated customer lifecycle email drips: Most platforms now have basic drips, but specifically as it relates to Marketo there is a differentiator here between drip and nurture. Drips typically are used to send anyone who qualifies (lifecycle status changes, new value = customer) and then the person gets every email on the same schedule, e.g. every 5 days. Alternatively, Nurture can automate conversations, with the ability to accelerate, pause or change the conversation based on future data changes. Something that is an important differentiator from Marketo Nurture programs and other platforms
              • data processing between our product and ESP/Automation system: Marketo has a robust API and also has native integrations with tools like Zapier that can allow for easy data sharing. Also, the integration with SFDC can be used as a go-between if you already have your product integrated to your CRM
              • tracking within SFDC for revenue purposes: Marketo does a really good job of connecting opportunities with program successes and the leads and accounts associated with that activity. I would ask your sales person to show you RCE and the Opportunity Analyzer.

              Another helpful resource, which you may have already run across is this webinar: Graduating from ESP to Marketing Automation

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