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    Reporting on Weekly emails

    Vlad Petrovic

      Hey team,


      I've got a smart campaign which sends weekly, sending to those leads that have been imported into a specific list within that last week.


      I want to create a report where each weeks send is represented by a different row but currently it just has a single report with a cumulative total.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to how best to report on this without having to change the structure/process of the campaign?


      Thank you,


        • Re: Reporting on Weekly emails
          Josh Hill


          • Email Perf report by week (you'll need a lot of reports)
          • Add to List by Week --- or adjust the Email perf report to look at Members of List by Week or Was Added to List by Week.
          • Look at the campaign Summary tab > Members by Week


          Unfortunately, it will not show you the exact report you are asking for. You need to pull the data each week into Excel. Pretty sure Email Insights at the RCE EA report will have some similar problem. But the RCE EA report may offer some better Weekly rows.

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