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    Swoogo or other Event Management alternatives?

    Aubrey Morgan

      Our team is looking to replace Cvent for event management due to attendee experiences with the agenda builder for our annual conference. The team that has been evaluating Swoogo and seems to really like it, but I can't see anything in the marketo community about it and have concerns with its ability to integrate with our systems.


      Has anyone used Swoogo or have recommendations for event management alternatives to Cvent (preferably one that integrates with Double Dutch app)?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Josh Hill [RingCentral]

          check launchpoint. Check other reviews.

          Haven't heard of them.

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            Hi Aubrey,


            we are using Swoogo very successfully in Schneider Electric. It is a very competitive event management tool, which is really easy to use. So most people in my team love it, because of the high flexibility compared with a really user friendly back end. Best is, that you wouldn´t need HTML-knowledge to setup really professional looking event pages and forms. It is just working drag and drop.

            But for today we haven´t connect Swoogo with Marketo so far. Even if we have both tools in place. What I´ve heard recently is, that Swoogo Team is going to implement a Marketo integration to their tool. Maybe the Swoogo Team can let you know, when this will be available. And in addition you should definitely take a tour through Swoogo to see their capabilities.





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              Stefanie Ordoveza

              Hi Aubrey,


              We are currently using Swoogo and love the platform! We currently use Hubb for our agenda and they integrate with that information. They are also working on a direct integration with Swoogo for us as we speak - in fact, it seems that Marketo is currently holding us up at the moment so I'm hoping I can comment on soon on how the integration is working!


              Nonetheless, from a registration system and website builder, I echo Jonas in that it is super intuitive, easy and fun to use! Usually, building these things for every event can be such a drag but the ease in Swoogo makes it fun again! Not to mention, it looks super clean and professional in the final result.


              Any questions, let me know.



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