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    Linking customers with Account Managers via Send Alert

      Afternoon All,


      I am trying to send out two emails, the second of which is triggered by the first.


      The first email is to customers; this is as simple as uploading the list to Marketo and then scheduling the send out.


      The second, is where I am running into some difficulties getting an answer.  This is to the Account Managers of the customers.  Multiple Customers are linked to a single Account Manager, and we have multiple Account Managers to handle.


      It should be as simple as setting up a send alert to the Account Managers, when their customers open the email; but, The Account Manager information that I am uploading has their information as the Primary and Secondary contacts, not as the Account Manager or Sales manager. 


      Ideally I want my flow to look something like this:

      Customer receives email 1

      Account Manager receives Triggered email

      Customers who DID NOT open email 1, receive a Reminder Email (Email 2)

      Account Manager receives Triggered Email. 


      While being able to track across the board for multiple Account Managers handling different customers.


      Is this a viable option? 


      This is not really an automated send, as I am actively prompting all steps along the way.