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    Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs. Marketo for Client Onboarding Emails

    Marisa Rybar

      Hey everyone,


      We are currently undergoing an enterprise level transition off of our rickety old crm (that no one has ever heard of) onto Salesforce. It's a big transition that is going to take the better part of a year, and of course one of the conversation points is automating new customer onboarding messaging. I believe they're trying to wrap all customer facing retention emails into this as well. (Note: We're not currently doing any of this because not only is our Marketo instance not currently connected to that old crm, but we also don't have one source of record for who our customers are, which means I've only been able to use our instance for lead gen up until this point.)


      In our meeting last week, it was suggested that we use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to be the source of record for these automated customer facing communications, and I'm not sure I agree. However, I didn't speak up at the moment because I don't have a strong enough reason why not, plus I am the only person managing our Marketo instance so from a bandwidth perspective, I can't really argue if they want to take that off my plate.


      All of this to say...I could use your insights and help so that I can create a case for why I think we should build this in Marketo instead of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or if you think SMC would be the better option given my bandwidth challenges, which will be the case for one more year.




      Thank you!