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    How can I build a triggered campaign with a seven day delay that qualifies the lead at send time and randomly holds out 50%?

    Doug Meierdiercks

      I'm launching a new triggered campaign to customers for whom we have recently completed a first project asking them to either A) rehire their contractor or B) find a different contractor for a different kind of job.


      The campaign is trigged on a data value change of Completed Job is now '1'


      The campaign needs to wait for 7 days before it can send the email. At that time it needs to check and ensure that the customer hasn't already started a new job or rehired their contractor. Once it's certain that the customer hasn't initiated a second job it should send - but only to half of the people who qualify.


      I want to run this triggered campaign for 2 weeks and at the end compare the group who did receive the email to the group who did not and see if there was an increase in 2nd jobs.


      Make sense? How do I build that?