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    Hardbounces in Engagement programs

    Sarah Lander

      We are seeing a weird trend with our engagement programs.  Our first cast had some H-bounces but then with Cast 2 we had almost the same number. We have mkto_emailable set up. Would have expected first cast would have pulled them out and that  the #would go down. Is this because Engagement Program membership is different? Is the same group (H-Bounces included) being cast to each time?  thanks!

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          Jim Thao

          This is expected.  Engagement programs don't automatically take leads out of the engagement program because of hard bounces or for any other reason.  You need to build campaigns to execute against leads in engagement programs.  EG. If hard bounce then remove from engagement program. 

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            Macarena Lopez Mazzeo

            Hi Sarah,


            As Jim mentioned, there is no automation exclusion of bounce backs in MKTO. You will have to create a logic for this. Another thing I would suggest to do is review all your hard-bounces and try to identify the reasons behind why they have bounced and solve it. That way you can have a healthier database, improve your deliverability rate and the performance of your Engagement Programs.


            Hope this helps you!