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    Email Link Reports for Sales Team

    Renee Green

      Hi All,


      Our sales team wants to get a sense of who is clicking on certain links in the emails we are sending out for our conference, so they can get a sense of interest in some of the sponsorship/ exhibiting opportunities we offer. I see that we can smart list subscriptions for an email campaign, but are you able to set up multiple subscriptions per email in order to send a report of people that click on 3 seperate links? if not, can i add to the smartlist view what links were clicked?


      I know this is a pretty basic concept but if there were a way to automate this it would save me so much time.


      let me know!

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          Devraj Grewal



          Please move this discussion to Products as it is Marketo-specific and not a general marketing discussion.


          For a smart list subscription, you could create a list of people who have clicked any one particular link and subscribe the sales team to those lists. However, I think it's best to use an email link performance report instead which provides which links in each email were clicked and how many people clicked on that link. It does not, however, provide the specific people who clicked, you will need to use the smart list subscription for that. So if there isn't as much focus on who is clicking as opposed to which links are being clicked, then I would use the email link performance report subscription.

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            Eric Salalmon

            What is your goal?

            1. Are you trying to generate a full list of everyone who clicked the x qty of specific links, so that the team can see who clicked it?
            2. Are you trying to generate awareness of the links that existed and the number of people who clicked them?
            3. If it wasn't 1 or 2  are you trying to send the group who clicked the emails individually to your team so that they can track the clicks and follow up?

            If 1, I would recommend using the advanced filter and for the links put or's between them.

            If 2, I would use the link reporting function as Devraj Grewal stated

            If 3, I would recommend creating 3 campaigns in your CRM and if people click the links they are added to the specific campaign and generate an alert to the team accordingly.

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                Renee Green

                it's between 1 and 3. So the sales team wants to know who is clicking so they can follow up. I like your idea of adding in Or to include multiple links, however the report won't show who matches with which link which is what the sales team needs. Could you elaborate on the campaign idea you mentioned for option 3?