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Random Sample and filtering

Question asked by Jason Terrell on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Josh Hill

I started a campaign yesterday with a smart list of about 3000 people.


Added a random sample of 4% to throttle the number of outgoing emails.


I set it to run once daily.


The smart campaign settings are "Each person can run through the flow once".


What I'm seeing is that the first day sent out about 4% of the list.  The second day sent none.


I'm guessing that I need to set "Each person can run through the flow every time" but I'm concerned.  I don't want people to get sent the email again for at least 2 months anyway.


If I set it to "Each person can run through the flow every time", will the person come up in the random sample again?


If not, how can I reset them in 60 days?