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    Form Progressive Profiling

    Jessica Korn

      Hi - we've been using Marketo for over a year, but we are just now starting to use Marketo forms/landing pages to gate some of our content.


      My question - will a lead need to fill our an entire form every time they want to download a different piece of content? Or will progressive profiling capture the lead data?


      For example, User A gets to a landing page to download an eBook, fills out the name/email address and gets the eBook. User A comes back to our site a few days later for another piece of gated content. If we use the same form on all our landing pages, will they have to fill out the entire form again from the top or will they be cookied and therefore progressive profiling kicks in (even though it's a different landing page/form?).


      If not, is there a way around this? Seems like bad user experience to have to fill out a form every time someone wants content. Thanks!

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          Michele Stoddard

          Hi Jess,


          In the form setup there is an option to enable form pre-fill. This will auto populate User A's info they provided the first time via cookie.

          Progressive profiling is another thing.  This can be used if you don't want to have the User complete 10  fields on the first gated content.  You can have them complete 3 fields and the next time, progressive profiling can ask them to complete 4 more different fields since it has the first 3 fields from last time. Does that make sense?

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            Sanford Whiteman

            It sounds like you want ProgPro, with every field in the ProgPro group. (So filled fields will not be shown again.)

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              This is how the Progressive profiling works:
              When a visitor fills out a form on a website landing page for the first time, they are required to only answer a few form fields with progressive profiling. The next time that visitor fills out a form you replace the form fields with new form fields to gain additional lead intelligence.
              The first download your visitor encounters, you’d ask basic questions like the following:
              First name
              Last name

              On the second content download, you’ll get additional information for targeting and qualifying the lead like:

              During the next conversion, you can get detailed information that will help qualify:
              Phone number
              Time frame to purchase