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    The Google Tag Manager Blues

    Patrick Burritt

      Hello, new-ish Marketo user here with a vexing situation involving Google Tag Manager and Munchkin code.

      A few weeks ago, I added our Munchkin code to our GTM instance and submitted the changes, but I have seen zero activity in Marketo’s Analytics for the site it was deployed on.


      This code has been in place for a few weeks now and I’ve got at least 5 other types of tags that are reporting data just fine, tags that’ve been added both before and after I’ve added the Marketo Munchkin tag. So I know for sure that our GTM account is functioning on all the pages. I can see that GTM is being placed on the pages between the <body> and <head> of each pages.


      As recently as earlier this week, I attempted repasting the code into the tag and resubmitting my changes. Still nothing.

      I have some other sites, on a different codebase & server that I've hardcoded the same Munchkin into, that have been receiving data in our Marketo Analytics, so the code seems fine, it’s just the GTM method that seems to fail, Lastly

      I’d be thrilled for any input on this matter as it’s driving our team a little bonkers. Happy to provide additional 411 or screenshots, if it would help.

      With gratitude,

      Patrick B