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    Transfer data from one field to another

    Kelly Schmid

      We were previously populating a Marketo only field and now we need to move that data to a custom SFDC field. I need to export the data from Marketo and re-import into the new field, but we have many duplicates in our database. Anybody have any ideas of how to re-import and make sure we're tying the data to the correct lead records, seeing as email address is the unique identifier?

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          Eric Salalmon

          Instead of exporting and re-importing you may want to reach out to Marketo and ask them to map the old field in Marketo to the new field in SFDC. It may save you time updating the information.


          Otherwise you would probably want to create a campaign and sync everyone to that to track the changes and take the import in smaller groups so that you can trouble shoot any potential hiccups.

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            Devraj Grewal



            Please move this discussion to Products as it is Marketo-specific and not a general marketing discussion.


            Correct, if you use the list import, it will update that field for duplicate people as well. What I would do is create a smart campaign and in the smart list create all those you would like to update the new field for. Then run a flow which will take the value of the previous field and update it to the new field.


            Ex. Change Data Value

            Attribute: New Field

            New Value: {{lead.Old Field}}


            You can then nullify the Old Field if appropriate.