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    Domo Integration

    Valerie Whiting

      I'm curious if there is anyone out there currently using Domo integrated with Marketo? We are in the process of implementing Domo across our organization and I'm curious if anyone has tips or tricks for building Marketo/Marketing cards? Anything we should avoid, or be aware of early on? We are especially interested in getting all of our lead funnel reporting out of spreadsheets and into Domo. Campaign reporting will be secondary.


      I've searched the community but was only able to find some old posts that weren't super useful, so wanted to see if there were any new people using Domo.

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          Courtney Grimes

          Hi Valerie,


          Happy to talk in more detail on this privately; feel free to drop me a private message.

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            Christina Zuniga

            Hi Valerie Whiting, Darrell Alfonso tagged me because I have DOMO. I launched it at the beginning of the year for Marketing/Sales tracking specifically (with intention to eventually move to Finance and other areas).


            I am using Salesforce Campaigns maybe 65% of the time, but I've found for my purposes in DOMO, it works better than trying to use the out of the box connection to Marketo. I hate the way programs and leads come through using my Marketo connection, but that's just me. Plus I could only have Marketo update once a day. I tried to change it to a more frequent schedule and hit my API limit.


            There are a few items that I use directly from Marketo, like here's one I made of MQL's by week. You can see that since my company started our Demand 2.0 project (kicked off Week 34 of 2016) our lead generation has exploded. This report gets sent every Friday to Marketing Leadership.


            I'd recommend the Marketo Quickstart. It gave me a great idea on what DOMO could do and a base for creating cards. I was told that if I did the Quickstart, I could find the cards I liked and either keep them as-is or edit them to what I want them to be. Sort of like using boxed cake mix, it's faster than trying to create my own cake as I was learning.


            Are you using a consultant? The number one thing that I learned when learning consultants is that you need to have a very clear idea of exactly what you want and where the data is. Sketches of what you want it to look like if you know what you want is best. You can give them an idea of what you need and they can often run with it, but even though I liked the reports created when I did that, management often wanted more or something different so it ended up being a waste of time and money.

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                Valerie Whiting

                Christina Zuniga


                Thank you so much for all of this, this is a helpful good start. Our CRM manager is working concurrently with me to get the sales and finance reporting set up. We unfortunately aren't using SFDC as our CRM, we are using NetSuite. I am assuming part of this process is going to be getting our Marketo campaigns in line so they make sense with the reporting in Domo. When I came on board a few months ago the Marketo campaign strategy was a little scattered and isn't something I have been able to tackle quite yet. But I'm thinking we will definitely have to get that in line to make Domo work the way we want in the long run. I would say our number 1 priority at this point is to get a better view into our lead funnel metrics.


                Something like you have above would be exactly what we are looking for, I will look into the Marketo Quickstart package as well.  We aren't using a consultant right now <insert famous budget argument here>, but we do have strong connections into Domo so we can get additional support from the team there if needed. I have about 20-30 reports I'm pulling weekly using a mix of smart lists, excel, NetSuite and Marketo reports. So, I'm really looking forward to getting away from having to do all of that manually.


                Thanks for your help!

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                    Christina Zuniga

                    Hi Valerie Whiting, do you have Marketing Qualified date stamped in your instance? If so, you can set up this report right now.


                    Just create a new card that's a single bar, put "Marketing Qualified Date" (or whatever you call it) in the X and Y axis (Y should be count of that date).


                    Under Chart properties (on the left) choose regression line and you can show trending!


                    There are other ways to customize, like what shows when you hover. But this will get you a card within 10 minutes


                    Also, they had trainings at Domopalooza this year and Cards training was INCREDIBLY helpful. I heard from my rep that they're having additional trainings this year, so see if you can get to one.


                    I'm not an expert by any means, but let me know if you have any questions! The users in Dojo are far more technical than I am, but if there's any info I can give you I'm happy to help .

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                        Hi Christina Zuniga,


                        I'm trying to show Acquisition Program on DOMO. However, the dataset "Leads by Date (Standard Field)" doesn't have the field. Do you know how I can extract that?


                        Secondly, how do you pull SFDC Custom Fields? Do you connect with SFDC? How do you deal with two separate datasets of Lead and Contact objects?


                        Thank you so much in advance!

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                            Christina Zuniga

                            Rodolfo Yiu


                            1) I'm trying to show Acquisition Program on DOMO. However, the dataset "Leads by Date (Standard Field)" doesn't have the field. Do you know how I can extract that?


                            Try using Leads by Date Modified (see picture) because I show that Acquisition Program is an option. If you're trying to use the historical one it might filter that field out.



                            2) Secondly, how do you pull SFDC Custom Fields? Do you connect with SFDC? How do you deal with two separate datasets of Lead and Contact objects?


                            Custom fields are available to add to a DataSet based on the object you're pulling. So if you have last lead source on lead object then you create a dataset for leads and you'll see it available as an optional field. There's a setting that offers to update the dataset with any new fields that appear on that object, so if your CRM person creates "Special field 1" rather than you manually adding it to the dataset, DOMO will auto add. Don't do this!!!! I've never met a CRM person who doesn't change the field they just made, usually the api name. That 'breaks' the connection with DOMO and results in dozens of notifications to the person who owns the dataset. I'd rather manually add it for goodness sake.


                            Based on my company's set up, I've found that pulling from SFDC Campaigns (where I send Marketo data) and primarily using SFDC for data works best for me, but my company is also much more interested in Opportunities than Marketo specific information aside from attribution. Depending on your goals and set up you might need to use more Marketo data rather than SFDC but I am not a huge fan of the connector to Marketo. I find it more difficult to use than SFDC's.


                            That makes it easy because SFDC Campaign Member data pulls Campaign info, Lead info and Contact info. Otherwise you can do an ETL to combine those two objects.  When I was at Domopalooza one of the technical people wrote me custom beast mode that I constantly use. Basically it says "If XYZ field is blank in contact, fill it in from whatever is in ABC field for lead". That allows me to use campaign member effectively.


                            Here's an example: I have job function on lead object and contact object. For my annual customer event I need to report on what level we're getting. I put all registrants in one SFDC campaign. Then I report on that and say "if job function is empty for contact, use lead job function. If empty for both, put unknown".

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