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Marketo Bulk Activities Pull SNAFU: Duplicates, GUI and Date range Inconsistencies

Question asked by a84c9ebed87c4193c04c593f8143f6193dd2ed5c on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Jay Oh

The Marketo bulk export for activities seems to output multiple (three to be exact) records for a single MarketoGUID. Is 'MarketoGUID' not a primary key? If not is (marketoGUID, activityDate) a primary key??? I've seen this duplicate issue across multiple pulls for both marketoGUID alone and a composite (marketoGUID, activityDate).


Running a pull for a 30 day date range in April seems to return activities that occurred in January??? Again this has occurred across multiple pulls.


I've also run into a situation where a certain lead has activities associated with it in the bulk export pull that precede the actual lead's creation and aren't actually reflected in the GUI at all.


Kurt Koller Have you seen any similar issues with your bulk activity pulls?