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    Marketo Link Tokens not functioning in emails

    Jake Levinger

      Hi Marketo Community!


      I've recently come across an issue that I'm not entirely sure how to address and wanted to see if anyone has had experience here.


      On our blog, we have content that sites behind a form and, upon form fill, we send a thank you email with a link to the PDF.


      I've recently had a colleague from our German office mention that people have been emailing him saying that they've filled out the form, received the thank you email, but for some reason, the CTA link inside the thank you email was removed. (see screenshot below of the Thank you email).


      I've been digging into this but have had no luck in replicating this issue and therefore haven't been able to triage.  The only thing I could think of was the way we set up the link. We set it up as a token and the link itself looks like this: "https://{{my.ContentURL}}"


      The token itself is a PDF that we uploaded into Marketo and looks like this: "mkto.eventbrite.com/rs/269-CEG-133/images/Die_4_Vorteile_der_fr__hen_Event_Ver__ffentlichung.pdf"


      If anyone has any context into this it's greatly appreciated!