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    Updating a list of email addresses to new email addresses - 8/6/17

    Dave Berry



      I'm very confused here and need help.  I have a list of email addresses that need to be updated to new email addresses due to people leaving companies etc.  Both the old email address and new email address are in one file with 2 columns, titled email address and new email address.  How do i create a smart campaign to update each of these 70+ records?  I know how to go 1 record by 1 updating manually but there must be an easier way.  Please detail out the steps.



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          Dan Stevens.

          I would highly recommend creating new records for these folks.  When people leave one company and join another, their needs/challenges probably change.  Different behaviors/engagement for different reasons.  What someone did at one company, may be completely irrelevant at the new company.  And if you base the customer experience on those prior behaviors, you may miss the mark.  It's usually a best practice to start fresh here.


          However, if you still want to proceed down this route, this is quite easy:


          Create two new custom fields (e.g., "Email Address Old" (I used an existing field called "Email Address 2" in my example below) and "Email Address Updated").  Import the list as a static list (either in "Database" or within an operational program).  During the import, map the new email address to the "Email Address Updated" field.  Run a batch smart campaign that uses the static list as the smart list.  And then for the flow, include a CDV flow step that takes the current email address and populates the value of the "Email Address Old" value.  Add another CDV flow step that changes the main Email Address to "Email Address Updated".



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