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Testing email unsubscribe activities

Question asked by Michael Tyson on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

I'm trying to test our handling for unsubscribe events in Marketo. Currently we're polling and caching all activities for all leads in our CRM which works fine.


I setup an unsubscribe test campaign in our sandbox. It's just a form on a landing page that allows me to enter my lead's email address and unsubscribe. The smart list is a Fills Out Form action pointing to the correct form and the flow action is Change Data Value setting the attribute Unsubscribed to true.


I filled out the form, went to the lead in the Marketo database, checked that the unsubscribe value was false (unchecked) then went to the activity log tab to verify.


This is where I am confused: when I poll the activity types from the API, I found "Person unsubscribed from Marketo Emails" so that's the type I'm looking for. However, this never comes in from Marketo and the activity log in the lead database has the activity type as Change Data Value (as expected from the flow). The only activity types coming down from the API for this lead are 'Change a Status in an program progression' and 'Call a Webhook'.


In the actual activity attributes I can pull down, two for 'Change a Status in an program progression' sets New Status ID  = 36 which was 35. How do I find out what this means?


My questions:

  • How does a person in a real life scenario unsubscribe?
  • What triggers the "Person unsubscribed from Marketo Emails" activity type and how do I implement it?
  • Is my testing method completely flawed?