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    Custom Sync using checkbox "sync to marketo"

      I read some fabulous information regarding implementing a custom sync between SFDC and Marketo. We have to limit our number of records in Marketo - we are not a new integration as we already have a sync between our sytems so we need to limit the # of records in Marketo by way of this new field. So far I  have done the following:

      Created the field "sync with marketo"

      Made the field visible to the marketo sync user/profile

      Mapped the lead field to the contact field

      Tagged all records we want to sync (we did this in SFDC and it has synced to marketo)


      My question is around the sync for new web leads. I am confused about the process for new web leads and ensuring those will sync to SFDC and have the box marked true so they sync to SFDC and updates sync back and forth between systems.


      I have not  contacted Marketo support to activate this custom sync yet. I'm waiting until I know how to handle new web leads. I need to mark the box as true so the sync happens between systems but I'm wondering what Marketo does with the new web lead.


      Do I have to write some sort of flow step to ensure new web leads have the sync with marketo checkbox marked as true so they sync between systems? Or will the lead sync with SFDC and the rule to check the box will have to happen in SFDC to continue the sync?


      Thanks for your help!