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Marketo adding _(number)_(number) to program tokens on sample/email send

Question asked by Ed Rayyis on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Ed Rayyis

I am running into an odd problem, I am cloning a campaign using a REST API call and populating program Tokens via XML feed. The campaign is being created successfully, and the tokens are populating correctly as well, everything looks fine in Marketo and if I preview the email all is well. The problem is when I send a sample of the email, for some reason Marketo is renaming the tokens adding a _(number)_(number) and not rendering the contents of the actual tokens as seen in the screenshot below. Any idea why this is happening or a fix? (Note: I am in Sandbox and not production if that makes a difference)




Another Note, if I edit the email and re-approve, it fixes the issue!, but since this is an automated process, performing this action is not possible, any idea's?


Sanford Whiteman (have you run across an issue like this?)