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    "Resubscribe" Report?

    Dan Askin

      There a best practice to create a report that will show the # of resubscribes -- ie non emailable in the DB who become mailable?


      Not quite clear about the logic of some of the attributes to build the smart list.


      1. Fill out Form = X

      2. Data value changed, unsub new value = false

      3. Some filter for already in the system


      We already have a flow set up for all (this specific) form completers that changes the unsub data value to false, thus #3.





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          Balkar Singh

          Dan Askin - Assuming if you have a campaign to update Unsubscribe = FALSE, for leads who resubscribe, you could look at # of members of that campaign, and Unsub = False.

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              Dan Askin

              Thanks, Balkar. The 'fills out form - new' campaign has a smart list whereby lead is created via the form in question. Easy. For the 'fill out form - resub', has fills out form + (something indicating that the lead already exists). That piece -- thought I could use lead was created before system.datetime (which has limitations via the marketo cookie) -- but that doesn't work since I can't use the system token for the smart list.


              There's another fills out form flow that changes the unsub field to false (if necessary) and checks some boxes for certain email lists.