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How to change sales owner and account owner fields to import data into them manually.

Question asked by Asia Florio on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Asia Florio

We are currently in the process of switching CRM systems, and are not planning on syncing them with Marketo anytime soon. We are new to Marketo, and are just setting everything up. As we are importing data, we have noticed that we are not able to manually upload info into the Sale Owner field and the Account Owner field. To by pass this, I am trying to create all custom field with similar naming, and hide the original Marketo field.


However, one of the original fields is not letting me hide it, as it's being used in multiple areas. This is the Sales owner First name field. When I look at the places in which it is used in, I can not figure out how to change it as it is referring to some of the email alert tokens. {{Lead.Owner First name}} to be specific. How can I assign my custom field to be connected to the token {{Lead.Owner First Name}}


Perhaps there's a better solution for our problem? any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


PS: Pleas take it easy on me, I am a Marketo newby