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    Handling Global Unsubscribes for leads who sign up again

    Christina Dearman

      We are a publishing company and we have opt-outs specific to certain digital publications as well as a global opt-out option. We utilize Marketo forms, Opt-InMonster, Facebook, and website ads to gain sign-ups for our various digital publications (eNewsletters). We have over 30 digital offerings via email.


      Our footers take the lead to a preferences page, where they have the option to either opt-out of a specific publication or, to globally unsubscribe from everything we send. On the back end each field is separate, and a global opt-out does not change other opt-in field values. The reason is that often, our audience will globally unsubscribe and then call us to complain they are not receiving their publications and ask us to start sending them again except for some specific thing they don't want anymore. This sort of thing happens daily, we have an older audience and they are often technologically challenged. If we changed all of the possible items we offer to an opt-out value, we would have a very hard time switching their subscriptions back on when they called us to complain.


      We recently noticed that some people who did actually globally opt out in the past have started signing up for eNewsletter via Opt-InMonster widgets, and we are at a bit of a loss as to how to handle those. Because of how we handle global opt outs, if we opt a lead back IN globally, they would immediately start receiving all their subscriptions again and we aren't sure if that's really best practice.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on how to handle these types of opt-ins? How can we improve our process overall? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.