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    Week-to-week Email Data on a Single Email that was sent

    Laura Kimball

      Hello All!


      Is there a way to get week-to-week data on a single email that was sent? For example, I set up week-to-week reports in Marketo for the month of April. The email was sent on April 19th and I set the Week 3 report for the date of April 17th-24th (which encompasses the date the email was sent). I set up a Week 4 report with the date from April 25-May 2, same email sent on April 19th; however, no data is showing (see second screenshot). Is there a way to get data on how the email performed weeks after it was sent (opens, clicks, etc.) or do you just get one single report showing data for All Time?


      Week 3 report



      Week 4 report



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