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    Can we add custom attribute data with Smart Campaigns in Marketo?

      I have a use case where campaign needs to attach custom attributes in the campaign definition and when needed this campaign metadata can be exported from Marketo to some external system.


      An example on what I'm trying to achieve.


      1. Campaign is created in Marketo with some custom attributes to define the campaign criteria

      Campaign custom attributes

      Campaign Title: Bring back customers

      Campaign Objective: Retain

      Target Group:  Prepaid customers

      Target Channel: Email


      2. Once campaign created with custom attributes, Marketo will share this campaign metadata with some external system.

      3. External System will consume this metadata and will provide a list with identified people/leads to talk to

      4. This people/leads list will be shared with Marketo to send some specific campaign Email content

      5. The custom attributes would be attached in email activity data, so that some custom performance reports can be built on top of these attributes


      Is it possible in Marketo and how this can be achieved?