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    Marketing attribution, tracking and projections



      I'm looking for general advice around marketing attribution, tracking campaigns and projecting leads/SQLs/opportunities/revenue across our various initiatives (note: this is not Marketo product-specific question). Right now, each of our Marketo campaigns is tied to a corresponding campaign in Salesforce, and our team would like to do more complex reporting/analysis based on reports from Salesforce.


      How have you structured the tagging/set up of your campaigns, sources, channels, etc. in Salesforce / Marketo? Specifically, I'd like to be able to track each of our marketing sources, channels and CTAs via Salesforce campaigns. This is how I'm defining each:

      • Source: At a high-level, how the lead came in to our system (ex: Paid Acq, Organic, Event)
      • Channel: More specifically, where the lead is from (ex: AdWords, PR, Networking Roadshow)
      • CTA: Even more specifically, what the lead interacted with (ex: Demo request, Downloading eBook, Registering for an event)


      For context, we don't have access to Marketo's RCA (Revenue Cycle Analytics) product. I'm looking to build our model in my own spreadsheet using reports from Salesforce. Thanks in advance for your insight!