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    Options for Integrating External Image Database

    Alexis Shamsi Hughes

      We're running into increasing inefficiencies in maintaining our Marketo Image Library, and I wanted to check if others have better solutions.


      We have a proprietary online database of images for 100+ hotels and resorts. The images must be downloaded in order to be used in marketing collateral, are available in 4 different resolutions, and export as JPEG/TIFF files. Every image also has an "expiration" date since our product is constantly being updated.


      Our photo admin has been downloading images from this database, re-sizing/cropping images into the formats required by our Marketo email and landing page templates, and uploading to Marketo. On a monthly basis, she manually searches for expired photos by their unique IDs to archive them. She has expressed frustration at the need to simultaneously manage two image databases, and I wanted to see if there were options to support her.


      Thank you!