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    Known leads and progressive profiling

    Tim Ball

      Hi all,


      I am wanting to create a form that will only appear if the visitor is an unknown lead.

      In Forms 2.0 I can set up to show Custom HTML if the user is known, which works well?

      But I also want any known user to also answer one of our Progressive Profiling questions.


      Is this possible using the "Known Leads" option?


      How does Marketo actually define "known"?
      Is it the Tracking ID with First Name , Last Name, email address or just email?


      I don't want users to be faced with a large form every time even though we can pre-fill the fields.

      I want a more elegant solution that will only show form fields for missing data hence progressive profiling.


      Am I better creating a custom form using Javascript to test for form fields that are empty?


      Any thoughts


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          Sanford Whiteman

          "Known" doesn't even require an email address on the lead! It simply means the web session is associated with a lead in your Marketo database. As opposed anonymous/not connected with your database.

          The language around "known leads" could really use some adjusting. You can have a lead in your database whose corresponding real-life person has 10 anonymous sessions and 2 associated sessions..  So there's indeed a lead you know behind the keyboard in all 12 cases, but the session may not know them yet.


          ProgPro and Known Lead HTML are, to some degree, alternative approaches to the same problem. If you're using ProgPro, the form will not switch into KL HTML mode -- which makes sense.  And your requirement of a form that only shows while a session is anonymous is in direct conflict with the concept of ProgPro. By definition, a ProgPro-enabled form will reappear across an associated session.

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            Tim Ball

            Thanks for the clarity Sanford.


            So in theory "Known" could be useless for a re marketing perspective.
            I think we will re think our strategy and go down a custom form and an improved UX design