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What values to use for utm parameters?

Question asked by James Zolinski on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by James Zolinski

Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to creating UTM parameters for various links for various campaigns and am a bit confused as to what values I should be using.


I've heard a few different trains of thought for what the actual values should be for the various parameters. Specifically, for utm campaign.


I've heard that campaign should be the overall campaign name. For example, at my company, we have ads specifically made around what we call "Yoga man" (your average joe kind of guy, but doing yoga in overly-tight clothes). We may promote these Yoga Man ads in many different mediums and sources. From my understanding, under a "traditional" marketing structure, my utm_campaign value would be "yoga_man", with say a utm_medium=paid_social & utm_source=facebook.


I've heard that when using Marketo, it's better to match utm_campaign to the Marketo program name. So, I might make a program for the Yoga Man fdisplay ads on one website, a program for Yoga Man display ads for another website, and a program for Yoga Man display ads for Facebook. Instead of utm_campaign=yoga_man, I would have utm_campaign=PP_DA_FleetOwner_2017-01-19_Generic and utm_campaign=PP_SM_Facebook_2017-03-08_Generic.


I've also heard that it is a terrible idea to use the program name for the campaign, as it is way too specific (or... perhaps our programs are far too specific). I could foresee this being a problem when looking at Google Analytics and seeing an endless list of campaign values. Perhaps, one should just use the acquisition program to track this?


What are your thoughts? Best practices for utm values? Bad habits to stay away from?


Also, for bonus credit, what kind of value do you use for lead source (Person Source) when using all the standard UTM parameters? I'm currently thinking the leadsource value would just be a concatenated version of all the UTM parameters?


Thank you Marketo Community! You all are amazing!