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    Are there known gotchas where Smart Campaign triggers always fail on certain page views?

    Jon Wu

      I've been trying to track down some problems for weeks, and have some support cases open, but in the meantime, I wanted to see if the community had seen issues like I'm having.


      I have a similar question where activities simply aren't logged (Are there known gotchas where Munchkin page views with certain params don't get recorded? ), but it seems these could be different issues, although they both break our automation consistently in certain scenarios.



      Using the Munchkin JavaScript API, we log events as a "page view" to log activities we can trigger off of. Imagine we have a non-Marketo form where we collect info, then fire a page view that looks something like https://example.com/_event/#path=/form&eventName=Filled+out+promo+form&formType=VIP?path=/form&eventName=Filled+out+promo+form&formType=VIP. Then, we might have a Smart Campaign that looks for URL contains "eventName=Filled+out+promo+form" and query string contains "formType=VIP". You can see we log all params in both the URL and the query string to allow boolean logic (For a Visit Web Page trigger, how do you match multiple querystring conditions with AND logic? ).


      We're on Munchkin v1.



      Sometimes, our campaign simply fails to fire. However, the behavior is very consistent for a given URL. When we go back to the activity log and check what was logged, we can verify that the web page visit that was logged, matches the trigger params. What's baffling is that this seems to break depending on the stuff that we don't care about in the URL, such as the path.


      For example, perhaps the above page view will never trigger the campaign, but a page view that's exactly the same, except where /form is /form2, will work. The Smart Campaign doesn't even care about that part, but the trigger simply doesn't work in some cases and does in others.


      Anybody seen this behavior?