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    Dynamics CRM Account Updates

      Good morning!


      I've tracked a couple of DCRM Account updates that don't seem to take effect on the Marketo leads. How do DCRM Account Updates translate over to Marketo Leads?


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          Jonathan Ng

          The way it is supposed to work is that if the Contact is associated with the Account, any changes made at the Account level should push down to the Contact as well.  If you make a change in Marketo to the Account info, it will store in Marketo, but not push up to the Account in MSCRM.  If a change is later made to the Account, the information will push down to Marketo and overwrite any updates you put in.


          How long are you waiting for data to come in from changes on the Account side?  Have you looked at the current sync status to see if anything is moving at all?