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In DCRM, what determines how leads are associated with a campaign, and is the association permanent?

Question asked by 96b34e8a17e985ab3894d6c7f44ef0b023f08ee8 on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Jonathan Ng

I'm new to the group, glad I found you all!  I've had a heck of a time getting this question answered, and thought maybe one of you might have encountered it.

After a recent webinar, we populated the DCRM field Most Recent Source Campaign field from Marketo using the relevant campaign GUID from the CRM campaign (and for those where it was their first "touch", we also populate Source Campaign [originating field in DCRM]).  After doing this, only a small subset of leads show in DCRM in the Campaign > Leads section.  When I look at individual leads, they do have the Most Recent Source Campaign populated, which I assumed would be the tying element to associate them with the Campaign?

Why do only 8 (in CRM) of 99 leads (from Marketo) show in the Leads section of the associated DCRM campaign?

Another question, once I understand WHAT element places them in this section, I'd like to know if this association is permanent.  I need a way for my sales agents to look historically at a marketing campaign and see the leads and contacts that were part of it (at any point in history).  Is this even possible?


Thanks in advance!