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    How can I mass send a Marketo email to over 3800 qq.com emails?

    Lorraine Lu

      Hi All,


      I encountered a headache recently. We have over 3800 qq.com in our database. When we send 10 qq.com emails, the deliery rate is 100%, when we sent 20, it will become 75%, if we sent to 100, it will be around 47%. It seems if we sent to too many qq.com emails at one time, the qq.com email server will block our email. The Marketo Supports said the cause of the bounces is that we are sending too many emails, too quickly.


      550 Connection frequency limited. http://service.mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/help?subtype=1&&id=20022&&no=1000722


      It's impossible for me to split the list to 380 groups and send 380 times in order to get all these people delivered. Have you ever encountered the similar issue before?


      I'm all ears to your suggestions.


      Many thanks in adance.