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    Velocity Scripting: Asset information

    Carlos Correa

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to implement a velocity script (vs) that runs for multiple cases and allows me to use the name of the asset as a utm_id for my Google Analytics (GA) tags. So, that way, my script can be on the campaign folder level, or the workspace level if possible, to compose the redirect for GA, removing that customization aspect from the links.

      In my vision, all I need to ask the agency is Please make sure that all your links are finished with ?{{my.redirect}} where redirect is my vs which will take care of the creation of the redirect depending on the name of the email that is being deployed from.


      The bottom line questions is, can I access the asset name that is running the velocity script? so I can create a redirect with ?utm_id=My_cool_email because the name from which is running is named my_cool_email?