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On24 - Poll and Survey Statuses not syncing to Marketo

Question asked by a75f411aee55baf8e8313d980b77db3931394226 on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by a75f411aee55baf8e8313d980b77db3931394226

I've reached out to On24 but their Integration specialist is OOO until next week, so I thought I'd put feelers out here as well.


We integrate with On24 for webinars, and they push statuses of Attended, No Show, Attended on Demand, and *I believe* Free Trial back into Marketo after the live airing.


We haven't changed anything in our smart list or flow steps for this, however, but these statuses are not making it over to Marketo and thus are not being updated appropriately.


Any ideas if this is something that I can look into in Marketo or if I need to wait until the On24 specialist is back in office to assist?